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Werewolf legends


Putting a Legend under the Microscope

Quick Bite
kilt, weirdo
Could Jekyll and Hyde be seen as a 'modernisation' of the classic werewolf story?

Discuss ;)

The Cryptozoological Art of Alex CF
Hi all,

I'd like to post a scholarly sort of review sometime soon, but my brain just isn't working well, so instead I bring you shinies.

Alex CF is a neat character I've been watching for awhile, and the above image is a good representative of his work. He makes some steampunk-ish pieces, but the majority of his work has been these little "cabinets of curiosity". He has at least three werewolf pieces.

The image above is from the first one, which is my favorite.

This is from the second:

Neat, huh? If you go to his main gallery page there are more images of the werewolf pieces. Totally cool. (scroll down to "The Lycanthropy (werewolf) research of Edward Harrell"). There's a totally fantastic little pup in a jar, too.

Hope you all enjoyed these as much as I do!

Welcome to the very first post of werewolf_review! I cannot seem to stop ending all sentences with an exclamation point! Hopefully that'll wear off soon! 

If you can't tell, this is my first time trying to run a community on LJ, so feel free to step in and say "you're doing it wrong" if you think I'm missing something important.

For the first post of the community I thought I'd like to hear from people about what they think about needing a full moon for transformation. Personally, I prefer the idea of the change being more controlled (not completely, however, as I think that would be akin to making a vampire able to walk in daylight - they'd become near unstoppable). Plus, I think some of the point of a werewolf legend is that the change is neither easy nor (fully) controlled. (Who else was annoyed by the magical-girl-change-sequence nature of the transformations in the Blood and Chocolate movie? They might as well have performed little twirls when they were done!) 

Anyway. Perhaps it is a need that builds up over a period of time, like needing to vent or cry or eat? So they can pick when they change, but there's a limit to how long they can go without transforming.

I'd like to write my own stories about werewolves, and I think I would be more inclined to write about them being able to change without waiting for a full moon. It makes the wolfy side of the person a bigger part of them, I think, though then again working with one night a month seems to have not done the legend much harm.

What do you think? Are they shapeshifters who happened to pick wolves as their shape? Or werewolves who have to change according to certain rules? 

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